Thursday, June 4, 2009

if you see something, say something

we want to hear from you if you are now in possession of an Alice Bond bag. You can comment on the picture of the bag that you found, and let us know who you were with, what you were drinking, and who you were kissing. we won't tell.


  1. CAn you please leave one in BPC marina -in front of southwestern and on steps in fornt north cove marina on bottom tier under steps close to water- i don't go to bars but would love to find one- i sit there and read on weekdns!

  2. I found one kiddo. No picture of it up here. Where am I supposed to post?

  3. there's no pic of my bag up, but i got the one at 53rd and 6th! thanks so much for giving us this awesome adventure...highlight of my summer!