Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whole Foods/Bowery


  1. iNEEDaRachNasbag.June 11, 2009 at 7:30 PM

    Hey... this isn't too far from my fav cupcake place Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery . Maybe you should check it out . . . and maybe leave a bag around by accident.

  2. dylans candy bar is a fun place. *wink wink*

    pinkberry anyone?
    urban oufitters?

  3. oh man, I RAN out of work to snag this, and it was already gone! best part was seeing all the other ladies pretending to shop for frozen dinner....

  4. i also ran from the path train to get this one and missed it, and also though the fake shoppers were hilarious. ran from there to landmark and missed that one too :(

  5. i think downtown has had enough bags!

    sharing is caring (with the UES and UWS)

  6. HAHAA the thing I have over all of the manhattanites & the "cool" adults is that i dont have to pretend. i ran like crazy person, hair up & glasses on & bookbag flapping.
    didnt get one. oh well.
    tomorrows a new day!

  7. newyorkg i feel your pain!
    i did the same on tuesday, and to two different locations

    and then my friends and i did the same for the 4 bags in union sq.